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SWIFT Ridesharing App

Adam Syed
2 min readMar 28, 2020

Easing commute with an efficient transportation service in the Cambodia.

SWIFT Ridesharing App

“Unlike Uber and Lyft, this app integrates all vehicles on the market — including the ‘tuk-tuk’ and the ‘motodup’. This can help to reduce dishonest behaviors such as overpricing by taxi drivers.”


In Cambodia, efficient public transportation is excessively scarce and fares unnecessarily skyrocket at peak hours. Tourists and even locals display frustration in a lack of a system for traveling within the city. There are also complaints about the lack of a proper payment structure for ridesharing services in Cambodia.


Cambodia not only has taxis, but also unconventional modes of transportation including the tuk-tuk and motodup. This as a result, motivated my team to design a ride-sharing application that integrates all sources of transportation with affordable pricing options.


I was the Design Lead of Cambodia’s first native ride-sharing platform. I prototyped over 20+ screens and presented it to the Assistant Prime Minister of Cambodia as well as developers on the team.


Our team also partnered with SEND Delivery, a platform that is a key player in the logistics industry in Malaysia. With their expertise, they had advised that since we were introducing a new system in Cambodia that it was wise to implement the idea of a delivery service within the app on top of the ridesharing option.


Creating the logo was a unique experience because the illustration that we decided on is actually a word in the Khmer Cambodian language. The word means ‘to ride’, which perfectly aligned with the goal for the app. What I did was rotate the word 90° towards the right to make it look like a vehicle and added streaks at the back of the image. (see GIF below)

Google Translate: From English to Khmer
Logo Reveal


SWIFT Prototype


SWIFT Ridesharing App